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Tune Into Your Purpose

The more ways we find to work towards a goal, the better chances we have in achieving it. What better way then to set the tone of our days based on our golas?

Walk Into Health

Walking barefooted reconnects us with planet Earth’s Energy flow. This is a fact!

Night Infused Water

Let’s be honest. We all feel good when we drink a glass of water after we wake up. This is not an essay on alien culture or how sophisticated vegans living in Arizona receive the sun; this is a simple reminder to hydrate right after you wake up.

Dis-traction, Defining Your Moments

Neuroscientists, more and more, are becoming concerned with our present inability to focus on simple tasks—the repercussion of relying on devices and having access to so much information. Meanwhile, the future is being shaped by just how distracted we have become.

Movement: Our Only Option

On the surface of our lives, and in the depths of our cellular interactions, everything we do is influence, one way or the other by movement.

Simple Eating

To eat simple meals, is to eat that which is first and foremost necessary, modest, or natural. It must not be a complicated dilemma.

Eat Healthy Foods, Forget about Criticism

Sticking to the same eating habits that everyone follows is a big “do not enter zone” for whoever wishes better health.

Tongue Scrapping and Cold Showers, Your Morning Recharging Powers

Implementing tongue scrapping, morning cold showers and studying spiritual leaders, meditators, Jedi Masters (sorry, I had to put that here), athletes, even men of science, scholars, and yogis who practice these habits daily, has been an incredible journey.

The Morning Walker

Have you ever wondered why the coolness and humidity of the dew make us calmer? Early morning walks get us closer to a part of us that dwells on an ancient call of wood-burning and stargazing tribal men and women.

Daily Stretching Routines – Your Body’s First Good Morning Habit

Stretching in our beds right after we wake up is one of those natural habits we must start practicing. No one wakes up in a perfect mood, and the things we do, right after we open our eyes, will influence the rest of the day.