The Morning Walker

… “and of course,” the wind whispered through the trees, “early morning walks bring us the birds’ sounds, the time to find solace on the flow of life, and on the vitality of things that lie dormant, resting in their calmness. The sun always returns with its promise of new things to find, of trees and streams, and trails to get to know”. 

Nature empowers that which is naturally searching for her touch.

“And of course, we say hi to our neighbors. Especially those who are also aware, that the rays of the sun speak differently to the early risers who greet life with purpose, and a sense of belonging to this inner circle of walkers.” 

Have you ever wondered why the coolness and humidity of the dew make us calmer? Early morning walks get us closer to a part of us that dwells on an ancient call of wood-burning and stargazing tribal men and women. 

The dew’s language is our real heritage, and waking up early to greet its passing is essential.  

Walking for at least 30 minutes in the morning will boost your energy and get you ready to confront everything life might throw at you. 

Decide today, decide now, and start your day with a morning walk. Allow the 1001 benefits of greeting your day with a walk to take place.   

Anxiety, worries, and concerns get flushed away by the smell of the forest waking up. Mental clarity and a great feeling of intention are what is left in us from an early walk. 

Try it, put to the test this incredible routine. Make it part of your daily commitments and do it before breakfast. Allow your digestive system to kick start its hunger machinery as the side effect of a morning walk. This will prepare you to deal with the rest of the day. 

Common people, known scholars, men of science, philosophers, authors, creative minds all share this specific routine. They all realized how clarity is gained from a morning walk. Ideas flourish better. Concepts are redefined and restructured. 

All you need is: 

  • The willingness to do it the first day 
  • The push to do it the second day 
  • And the commitment to do it on the third. 

I promise you that you are going to be hooked by the fourth day. Do it with the intention of seeing life waking up around you and feeling that you are also part of its cycle. 

There are hundreds of studies about this vital tool and millions of articles written about this incredible way of reconnecting. But the truth is that it must be experienced, and for that, all you need is the desire to wake up early, put on some clothes, some shoes, and go hike. Go walk around your neighborhood. Find yourself amidst the early hours of your surroundings. 

“And of course, there is the sound of cars passing by, of the city trying to put the natural instincts of animals to the test of daily contemporary human existence. But against the intention of rising early to meet nature face to face, there is no concrete jungle capable of winning. Your new early-rising plans are among the most excellent tools used by those who have achieved their dreams, who have created a better world”. 

 Rise early, my friend, go for a walk, reach out into nature, and gift yourself with her calm and beautiful presence. 

Let me know how it goes!  

Let there be early morning walks in your life!!! 

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