Sound Textures

Everything around us is one way or the other, making a sound. Concerts are happening at all times of the day, and for most of them, we don’t need a ticket or a VIP reservation. All we need is a little fine-tuning. 

Tesla was, in my opinion, one of the greatest minds that have existed, and he said that for whoever wished to find the meaning of life, all they needed to do was think about life in terms of energy, vibration, and frequency. Scientists are beginning to realize how crucial this statement is. 

But we are not opening a debate on this. In this article, I want you to think about using the sounds around you to help you concentrate better. Sound is an energy source with a specific vibration and frequency, and we will tune into this.

From the moment you wake up until the moment you go to sleep, sounds and light are the most obvious things around you, unless you have difficulties seeing or hearing. But even then, it is known that blind people can listen to vibrations emanating from colors, and people who cannot hear can see melodies and sounds as waves of colors. 

There is an unlimited source of sounds and light constantly surrounding us.

Isn’t this awesome? 

Therefore, today, we will go on a hunt for sounds. And I mean any sound that can capture your attention. I only ask that you don’t choose a song with words in it. Languages are tools for describing reality and painting portraits in our minds of how other people see the world. We react to these images and create our idea of the world as well. For this reason, I ask you not to use songs with words. 

Here are some of the sources of sounds I recommend: 

  • Water sounds. These can be the sound of waves, the rain falling on your car, the flow of a nearby river, or even the sound water makes in the shower as it hits the tiles. Any sound of water will work fine. 
  • Wind sounds. The wind is all around us. So pick a spot away from the noisy life of modern societies and just listen. 
  • City noise. I know this might be strange, but there is something weirdly peculiar yet captivating about the sounds of a busy city. I remember hiking El Avila, where the Andes begin, near the city of Caracas, and listening to the sound of that city from above those hills as all the noise became one single murmur. It was quite an experience. 
  • A musical instrument. I usually use a bamboo flute or a Tibetan bowl. Just make sure not to do complicated scales. 
  • You can pick any sound you enjoy. 

Once you have your sound-making tool, it is time to find a comfortable position and do some breathwork to urge your mind to follow you for five minutes. 

Gain the most from this practice by having no interruptions. Make sure to muster all your power and concentrate only on the textures of the sounds. These textures can be: 

  1. The distance between repetitive sounds. 
  2. Are they deep sounds? Or are they gentle sounds? For example, think about a low or deep sound like a bass or drum sound.  And a soft sound as a sound made from a bamboo flute, harp, or classical guitar. 
  3. Is the sound pleasant? Does it make you feel uncomfortable? The sound of a huge waterfall or a gentle stream can have different reactions in our bodies. 
  4. Find sound textures you enjoy and spend as much time as possible just listening to them. 

Sound therapy is known to heal some of the most dangerous diseases out there, including cancer. Subsequently, we are not trying to cure a complex malicious illness. We are simply trying to enrich and cultivate our concentration by developing habits for focusing better. 

Even if you only spend five- or ten minutes practicing sound exploration, it is enough to trigger plenty of cognitive health benefits. 

Don’t delay this practice, especially if you’re still studying. Fine-tuning your attention can help you memorize better. In addition, exploring sounds around you by examining levels, frequencies, and how they relate is an excellent tool for sharpening our mind’s concentration abilities. 

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