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Green Beans & Vegetables Stir Fry

A cup of red wine or a little homemade kombucha will go excellent with this recipe!

Gluten-Free Hoisin Vegetable Lo Mein

Easy to prep recipe for a rainy day!

Broccoli Pasta Salad

Quick and easy less than 30 minutes meal prep!

Sierra Madre Mushrooms Fajitas

What else is there to say about a colurful Mexican Veggie dance!

Creamy Risotto And Mushrooms

Cooking with a Little wine and some veg broth is perfect, especially with this Italian dish!

Carrot Noodles Grain-Free Recipe

Choose any veggie you can string, slice or grate into long thin strips, and enjoy an Asian raw wonder!

Grain-Free Granola

If you are trying to eat fewer sugars and grains, you are going to love this recipe. Besides, when it comes to healthy ingredients, like healthy fats, omega 3s, and protein, this has it all!


Every single meal is a powerhouse of resources to enhance or deteriorate certain functions in our bodies. Our food choices have a huge impact on this.