Geli is the creator of miradadrive.com and momentarysynopsis.com. Places where images, health-related topics (simple diet, natural movements, meditation practices), and words find common ground. He is frequently on the road with his family, world schooling his children, and materializing driving plans through the Americas. These traveling experiences are a source of inspiration. His bachelor’s in Fine Arts, his background as a writer, and his years of teaching art, drama, plus his devotion to helping children living in the streets of South America, help him lead a health-conscious life. In his websites and books, The artist, The Father, The husband, and The Traveler all join with a single purpose: sharing life experiences so that our youth can find a place to read and feel inspired! You can currently find him teaching at The Sebring Institute, enjoying the beauty of nature, being surrounded by creative children, and becoming part of an amazing group of like-minded people.  Freelance Writer/Photographer/Health Conscious Parent.


  1. Hi Geli, I’m Laura a colleage in coursera. I’m sorry to write here about the course but I have submitted a little late. Could you grade my submission? https://www.coursera.org/learn/content-marketing/peer/ZDOlA/creating-an-empathy-and-experience-map/review/0-RFtlsWEeeMcg4GWtvWkg

    1. I dont know if my last reply went through, my screen did something funny, i just wanted to mention that i did not do that assignment so the Coursera system its not letting me go into your work. I may do that project, but since I dont really have a company or work with lots of people I pretty much read the material, understood their angle and aim and did the final exam. If there is any other way for you to send me the work i will definitely review it for you. You can contact me through Fbook also or email me at inkphotoexposure@yahoo.com or versosvisuales@gmail.com Thanks!!!

      1. Oh! Ok, at the end my submission got graded so everything is fine. Thank you anyway!

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