Monthly Archives: July 2021

Our Attention Defines Our Life

When we pour all our attention, intent, and concentration on something, without thinking about where we want to go, or phone calls we must make, or our Instagram feed, or a celebrity tweet, we surely can achieve anything.

Broccoli Pasta Salad

Quick and easy less than 30 minutes meal prep!

Sierra Madre Mushrooms Fajitas

What else is there to say about a colurful Mexican Veggie dance!

Creamy Risotto And Mushrooms

Cooking with a Little wine and some veg broth is perfect, especially with this Italian dish!

Intentional Service

Every significant change began as a simple idea, followed by its corresponding action. Therefore, today I want to talk about intention and how powerful the desire to serve is.

Natural Movement Routine Day 2

The most crucial aspect of Natural Movements routines is how deep they go into our abilities to stretch.

The Masks Given

The symbols that we relate to have an impact on who we become and the choices we make in life.

Natural Movement 3

If you were running from a big animal, and you needed to hang from somewhere for sixty seconds, while holding something, can you do it?

Natural Movement 4, Water

Water supports life, its positive and negative charged molecules are known as a Universal solvent, and I am madly in love with it. 

Carrot Noodles Grain-Free Recipe

Choose any veggie you can string, slice or grate into long thin strips, and enjoy an Asian raw wonder!