The Masks Given

I can spend a whole life criticizing hundreds of negative things about my country of origin. But the community sense of belonging to a group of people with similar views helped me find a social presence that shapes a lot of my decisions in life. 

In the same fashion, all other symbols we relate to have a lasting impact on who we become  

That is one of the most potent forces in the world. There is a reason behind the power Social Religions have when organizing humans under the importance of believing in a set of rules. Rules that promise (for them) some arrangement of “redeemable currency” directed towards a lovely waterfront property in an unknown region of the universe 

Even though our traditions and local symbols might sound like the greatest thing ever, it can also backfire on us when we forget that our fellow human travelers outside our circle are also here to experience life. And that they all have points of reference, religious and social principles based on the masks handed down to them at birth. 

When you look at life in the forest, it is evident that animals are sharing all of Mother Nature’s bounty without too much struggle. There are certain boundaries and an established hierarchy that seems to be respected. There is no need for wolves to parade their superiority. 

That obvious hierarchy is a little different for humans. We are greedy and rely on higher amounts of developed self-importance, which is suitable for survival in the jungle, but not for social exchange. 

We have grown used to battling to reach and stay on top. But, unfortunately, things like Family Traditions, Group Responsibility, Religious Dogma, Political Misconceptions, and Regional Safety Nets, among other tribal designs, are continually becoming more and more platforms that separate us from each other. They create self-designated survival bubbles.

It is critical to realize that the most successful TV shows are those where divisiveness plays a vital role in developing the main character’s values and the storyline. 

We seemed to enjoy social dilemmas of separation more than we like to admit.  

As a result of that enjoyment, an increasing need for Social Masks, Religious Masks, Regionals Masks, and whatever mask we use to value who we have become is more and more evident. Inclusiveness is in decline, except when building permits break specific laws to make sure gentrifications keep moving locals out of their native places by increasing the cost of living in those areas. 

Walls are an excellent point of reference whenever we want to understand the meaning of individual masks. They protect our goods and what we defend as our identity. Especially when politicians make you believe that judging the actions of a few describe or can generalize the whole. 

However, humans have, by nature, a kinder, more inclusive quality as species. 

  • We enjoy sharing a meal with the people we love
  • When we dance, a surge of joy moves through our bodies 
  • We write a poem, and it reminds us of how simple life and kinder actions accentuate human life 
  • We go to concerts to share higher vibrations in waves of happiness 
  • We learn that children laugh in truth and unconditional love. A love we have shattered with so many fears. 
  • We know, undeniably, when we lie and the repercussions it has on our bodies. 
  • We help without thinking when the need arises 

This wonderful planet, when seen from above, has no specific flags or border regulations. Yet, it is a complex life-giving organism, and we have forgotten that. 

Everything outside of us is constantly engaged in trying to help the INNER US live. From atmospheric pressure to the incredible energy surge of our mitochondria, everything is relating to everything else to make sure we exist. 

Reshaping how we relate to the world and others is crucial. Take the time to remember that: 

  • We came into this planet with no instructions 
  • We learn from how others behave 
  • We study information handed down from the experience of others 
  • When we accept opinions, we are relating to how our peers analyze things  
  • Our bodies might have another color, but we all have the same inner processes 
  • We might love different things, but we all worship something we are willing to die for 
  • We all hurt when a relative dies 
  • Just because history has been painted with the blood of hatred doesn’t mean it must continue to be so 
  • One day spent helping others can save a life from despair
  • To change your neighbors’ attitude, you must change as well 
  • An example of kindness in our actions builds trust 
  • We are not our parents’ beliefs, but we are the goodness and respect they showed us 

In conclusion, we must be careful with the masks we chose to wear. The apparent safety they give us also builds bridges and walls, and we are tribal beings. We require others to enhance our quality of life. There are no distinctions in the air we breathe. 

Individual and group identity, social placement, regional safety nets, and language are means to help us include different views, to deepen how we relate to the world, and to share who we are. There must be a space for others to join. 

One step towards more inclusiveness is one more step closer to saving ourselves and this planet. 

Do not let the mask you wear stop you from reaching out. Colors look nicer when joined in a single ray. 

Our hope lies in a hundred hands together, not in the rhetoric behind the mask they gave us. 

Reach out. This world is ours; let us share it! 

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