Natural Movement Routine Day 2

Hopefully, you are a little sore from yesterday’s rolling around. So today, we are going to practice some basic stretching sets. 

Whenever I practice these, I feel I can concentrate better. My focus increases, and I don’t seem to misplace things as often. 

Make sure to take the time to watch the video first and then try to practice while being very gentle with your body  

One of the significant aspects of most Natural Movement routines (thank you, Erwan Lecorre) is how deep they go into our natural ability to stretch. This point reminds me how every time I take my children to a park, I can see the principles of our essential ability to move in use. 

They go from place to place so naturally and without much concern. It is as if they know, inherently, that proper posture and body weight management when they hang, jump, push or pull should flow together. 

I took some acrobatic classes more than a decade ago. I remember our instructor mentioning that breath was the main anchor for movement and that it didn’t matter the weight of the person we were trying to hold if we keep proper posture and breath awareness. 

As an experiment, take a moment to center yourself by being aware of your breath before every movement you do. Inhale before the move and exhale with the action. You will see what I am talking about almost immediately. 

I hope this series of videos are helping you. There are hundreds of different instructors out there. Do proper research and find the ones you can follow. I suggest you keep a diary of how your body is changing. Seeing progress is a great health cornerstone. 

Enjoy the process!

Movement Day 2

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