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Our Attention Defines Our Life

When we pour all our attention, intent, and concentration on something, without thinking about where we want to go, or phone calls we must make, or our Instagram feed, or a celebrity tweet, we surely can achieve anything.

Intentional Service

Every significant change began as a simple idea, followed by its corresponding action. Therefore, today I want to talk about intention and how powerful the desire to serve is.

The Masks Given

The symbols that we relate to have an impact on who we become and the choices we make in life.

Second 10 Day Water Fast, Day 6

It is not an easy task to water fast. You must tune into a different way of paying attention to your body. However, you are not alone, and we have all done this before. Tap into your human heritage, and shine on!

Dis-traction, Defining Your Moments

Neuroscientists, more and more, are becoming concerned with our present inability to focus on simple tasks—the repercussion of relying on devices and having access to so much information. Meanwhile, the future is being shaped by just how distracted we have become.

Movement: Our Only Option

On the surface of our lives, and in the depths of our cellular interactions, everything we do is influence, one way or the other by movement.