Movement: Our Only Option

In a sense, we are all movement addicts, whether we know it or not. On the surface of our lives, and in the depths of our cellular interactions, everything we do is influenced, one way or the other by movement. Without it, we would not have survived all these millions of years of evolution. 

Our planet, the solar system, our neighborhood of galaxies are all inside an expanding universe, moving at an incredible speed. Our night’s sky shifts while we enjoy star gazing with those we love, meaning that life outside our sunshine’s ring moves very fast. At times, life around us might seem static. Still, the dance that places us inside nature’s incredible cycle moves in a constant carnival of vibrations and shifting facts.    

The matter (physical world) we see is nothing but particles colliding with each other. Changing, returning, leaving, expanding, contracting, dancing, on and off, and again. Electrical currents, vibrations, protons, and neutrons are atomically synchronizing. Plants, photosynthesis, air currents, ocean currents, everything is pure movement. There is no way to free ourselves from it because movement is what we are. 

Therefore making sure we move, with health as our intended goal, is more than a must; it is our only option. 

Forget expensive gyms and highly visited yoga studios, especially with all of the world’s drama these days. Who needs a mask to experience nature. Who needs to frequently clean their hands with chemicals that negatively influence the healthy inner doings our microbiome, cells, and pH need for our machine to experience life. Do not let those hysterical news channels deviate you from clean air and a warm hug; those are things we all need. 

Basic hygiene is all that we must remember to practice. There is a difference between obsession, fear, controlled advertisement, and what we all have to do to stop viruses. A disease or virus on a stagnant Petri dish (our bodies) will only get strong.  

Movement enhances life. Make sure to stay active by: 

  • visiting parks 
  • playing a sport with friends 
  • go swimming or surfing 
  • hike a new trail each month 
  • practice outdoors yoga 
  • breathe clean air while sketching the trees in your backyard or on the common gardens 
  • kiss your partner without fears
  • kayak or paddleboard 
  • dance with friends 
  • walk in your neighborhood 
  • go bicycling around town 

Do not allow the present circumstances to dictate how you are taking care of your responsibilities for movement. Our species, our planet, and the life that makes it such a wonderful place need to move to thrive.  

Lawmakers in our cities are implementing regulations for how and when we should move around. Still, make sure to find ways to do your part to ensure movement is a primordial aspect of your life. No one can care for your health better than you can for yourself. Do not let the current hysterical frenzy stop you from gaining your goals. If they say “do not,” always try to find those “how can I?” solutions in return. Life depends on it. 

Movement is life’s way of shouting “here I am”. Make sure you respond in equal measures. Do not forget that our only responsibilities towards ourselves and towards the world are: 

  • how much we commit to our day to day conscious health choices (good nutritional diet, hydration, food combining) 
  • our intentional movement routines (however you choose to make your body sweat and being aware of its flow) 
  • our daily introspection (whether through meditation, breathing exercises, art, personal journaling, etc..) 
  • what we give back to the world (our community services, our global impact, how we help others find ways to better the life of those in need and those who are coming after us) 

Our job is simple: to make sure we stay moving forward. 

Pick a movement routine and shout to the heavens: 

“I move, therefore, I am” 

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