Simple Eating

Simple eating   

If you ask me what simple eating is, I promise not to give you a full-on discourse about the fundamentals of nutrition. I will not convince you why you must declare war on processed foods. 

No, I am going to take you on a different path. See, the word simple implies something basic, made up of one part or a few factors that make the whole. But it also means:  

  • unsophisticated 
  • unassuming 
  • natural 
  • modest 
  • na├»ve 
  • ingenious 
  • inexperienced 
  • ordinary 
  • unaffected, and so on.  

Therefore, to eat simple meals, it also means to eat that which is first and foremost necessary, modest, or natural. It must not be a complicated dilemma. Right? 

What are the foods you like? How often do you eat them? Where and when can you buy them? Are you following an eating plan? These and similar questions must have a clear answer in your head. Always start with what you like to eat and whether these choices are affecting you somehow. 

Then, ask yourself, “if I need to substitute foods, what are my choices?” Then slowly device a plan, and do not stop eating what you like at once. Whatever you usually eat, knowing that it is harmful to your health goals, is an excellent bridge. This acceptance will help you to replace it with something else gradually. 

Its hundreds of adversaries did not win the battle against Rome in one single encounter. It took years of treaties and a thousand piles of dead bodies scared all over Europe and the middle east. 

Simple eating is the way our ancestors used to eat. Their spices (if they had relatives in India or Mexico and a monthly paid service for a transatlantic carrier) never arrived in time. So, in most regions of the world, supplying daily foods was a task that required an absence of refining taste. 

Honestly, what do you think your great-great-grandparents had on the day of their wedding? I am sure that the feast did not involve soda, three entrees, two different cakes, and dozens of little snacks. I am confident it wasn’t like that at all. Still, here you are, their latest genetically modified offspring, as hungry as a bear freshly out of hibernation, ready to devour all the pizzas in New York. 

Eating basic meals is an essential tool we must develop. Recognize what you enjoy eating and find its healthiest version. Add two, three, or even four similar natural and unsophisticated foods to go with it, and that is all! 

Stay on course, and shine on!

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