Eat Healthy Foods, Forget about Criticism

Are you eating for others or for yourself?

More than a hundred times a week, we must explain ourselves to others. It is not just about why we like to wear loose clothes or why, for some of us, tattoos are relevant, beyond their strong and crafty leave-me-alone messages.     

The explaining they want does not stop there 

Our teachers, friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, grandmothers, parents, everyone wants an explanation about why we act, behave, and eat the way we eat. 

This happens a lot when you decide to start moving away from the fast-food herd mentality. Jumping away from that club is going to take its members by surprise, but you must keep it up. Sticking to the same eating habits that everyone follows is a big “do not enter zone” for whoever wishes better health. 

We do not want to eat for others, right?  

We want to eat for ourselves! Therefore, you must decide to ignore needing to explain new habits. Be straightforward and to the point. Reasons are usually not more than three: my decision, my needs, my health. Trust me, people will start noticing changes in how you move, how you speak, and how you behave after the sacrifices you are making begin to pay off. And it is not going to take long for these changes to be noticeable. These changes will be your best response to all those questions, and specifically to those argumentative reactions to your new plant-based-diet-nuts-carrying-clean-bottle-exercise-five-times-a-week-hike-for-three-miles-on-Sundays new style of living. Meanwhile, remind them that:   

Judging is a tricky Master!  

Whoever hears that statement coming out of your mind is going to realize that you are for real. Do not give in, keep your ground, and use other relative similar phrases. Do not explain yourself more then you need to. Keep up the desire for change in the forefront. I promise you that whoever was critical of your decisions in the early stages of your commitment is going to start asking: -How can I also reach those outcomes? How can I implement these new habits? 

Therefore, you should stop eating for others and start thinking about developing the desire to eat for yourself. Everyone always has something to say about what we do, even when the reason is visible. The practical truths one must follow are super bright.  

Stay on course, and shine on!  

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