Our Attention Defines Our Life

Growing up, I was against military school because I did not enjoy people screaming at me, and it seemed to me that screaming at soldiers was a significant part of being in the military.

Even though I might be wrong about the military, I cannot deny one thing they had clear: paying attention is essential for saving people’s lives or mastering weaponry

I read a book a while back where they talked about the act of Flow amongst soldiers, meditators, and work environments. 

Flow is a state reached when all the parts concentrate on a single purpose. Everyone has one goal in mind, and everything they have learned in their life up to that point is used just for that reason. 

The power this state of Flow creates and the dance among all the moving parts are beautiful. People reach states of mental clarity, transparency, and a form of mental readiness that has been compared to group telepathy or close to it. 

You prep for a set goal, and all your will, power, and experiences flourish when needed without spending time judging the good or the bad of your actions if they serve to achieve the objective.  

We all have access to those powers. Which is an important quality that we all share. When we pour all our attention, intent, and concentration on something, without thinking about where we want to go, or phone calls we must make, our Instagram feed, or a celebrity tweet, we surely can reach higher levels of: 

  • Awareness 
  • Clarity 
  • Group dynamic 
  • A sense of purpose 
  • Mental powers 
  • Plus, a bunch of other significant abilities 

Furthermore, we are practicing this state of Flow from the moment we open our eyes, but it is so natural that we don’t see it as such. 

We are so used to doing and repeating the same things that we forget to stop and think about all the attention we put on these activities. 

If we could only just take the time to observe our behaviors, we would understand who we are a little better, or at least we could answer simple questions like: “why do we repeat the same things over and over? “ 

Today I have a little homework for you. 

On a piece of paper, write down the date and these questions. 

  1. If I were to have the perfect job, what would that look like, and who would I be in that scenario? 
  2. If I were to have the ideal body, what would that look like, and who would I be in that scenario? 
  3. If I were to drive a more excellent car, what would that look like, and who would I be in that scenario? 
  4. If I were to have the perfect relationship, what would that look like, and who would I be in that scenario? 
  5. If I were to have a million dollars, what would that look like, and who would I be in that scenario? 
  6. If I were to have perfect health, what would that look like, and who would I be in that scenario? 

Answer these questions as best as you can. Then, create an avatar about that guy/girl you just created after answering those questions. 

On another piece of paper, write down who you are at present regarding the person you have created based on those answers. See the differences and similarities. How far are you from being the person in those scenarios? Do you even want to be the person in those scenarios? 

Now, I want you to think about how often you wish for these things and if they somewhat interfere with how you live your life TODAY. 

If you are sincere, you will start seeing a transparent bridge between these two persons you are, and this is where I want you to take the time and relate to that difference. 

The flow state I was referring to at the beginning of the article, achieved by the great effort of our undivided attention, reaches its aim only when: 

  • There is no space between the now and the later, between where we want to be and where we are. 
  • There is no distinction, no desire besides the concentration on the goal at hand. 
  • There is no stopping from wondering whether we will make it or not. 
  • There is only one goal in front of us. 
  • And when we become what we must be, by doing what we must do. 

This undivided attention is crucial when it comes to understanding choices. Especially when trying to understand who we are and what is driving us or controlling our attentiveness. 

I might sound a little blurry, but my point is quite simple. 

  • We must take control of our responsiveness to stimuli and habits. 
  • We must engage with the present with our arsenal and everything we have learned. 
  • We must bring the person we want to be into existence by living as if we were already that person if that is what we want. 
  • And the same goes for all the other things we want to accomplish. 

The parts playing with you like your teammates will not follow you unless your attention is tapping into the flow state of your commitments. 

Unless you know exactly what you want and where you are heading, the rest of the building parts will not follow. 

Set the stage, and the rest will follow. You have that power! 

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