Monthly Archives: July 2021

Grain-Free Granola

If you are trying to eat fewer sugars and grains, you are going to love this recipe. Besides, when it comes to healthy ingredients, like healthy fats, omega 3s, and protein, this has it all!

Natural Movement 1

We don’t require complicated sets of exercises to gain control of our bodies!

Our Balance, Our Everything

Balance is life!

Tune Into Your Purpose

The more ways we find to work towards a goal, the better chances we have in achieving it. What better way then to set the tone of our days based on our golas?

Second 10 Day Water Fast, Day 6

It is not an easy task to water fast. You must tune into a different way of paying attention to your body. However, you are not alone, and we have all done this before. Tap into your human heritage, and shine on!

Walk Into Health

Walking barefooted reconnects us with planet Earth’s Energy flow. This is a fact!


Every single meal is a powerhouse of resources to enhance or deteriorate certain functions in our bodies. Our food choices have a huge impact on this.