Our Balance, Our Everything

According to new studies, crazy people who run at the beach, climb barefooted, and take morning cold showers are ready to go inhabit planet Mars. Do you want to join them? If you do there is one more thing you need to master: Balancing walks and runs.

When I was a child, the circus was a great place to go. Clowns running around and people jumping. Magicians and all sorts of things all cramped up in one show. I was only sad whenever an animal was involved. 

The one act I always found courageous, difficult, and scary was balancing on a rope. Every time I will see them up there, I had to close my eyes. 

I promise you that I am not going to ask you to put a rope at a park and try to walk on it 

For this exercise all you need is a long piece of 2×4, a strong tree branch, your neighbors recently finish concrete wall, or a chalk stick. 

Once you have one of these things, it is important that they are at least six to eight feet long. 

After the drum roll introduction, you are going to: 

  • Place the 2×4 (or you can draw a straight line on the ground about 3 inches thick and six to eight feet long, or maybe a short concrete or brick wall that can take your weight). 
  • Then you are going to put one foot on followed by the other foot in front of it. 
  • Then walk towards the end and return to the place you started at. 
  • Repeat five times. 
  • For the next two turns I want you to bend your knees a little and repeat the same process. 
  • The next three turns go as close to the ground as you can and do the same thing. 

Do this for a total of ten times. Five times walking, two times with your knees a little bended, and three times as close to the floor as possible. 

Before you start make sure to be aware of your breath

Especially when you are close to the ground. Remember that ants and insects paid well to come see this show. Take a deep breath in and as you exhale move, and then again take a deep breath and as you exhale move. 

The coordination you are trying to achieve will be an amazing bridge to acquire proper balance when you walk, when you dance, when you surf or when you are talking with friends. 

Do not do this on a full stomach, like I did once. The smell and sounds weren’t to pleasant. 

Balance is life! 

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