Tune Into Your Purpose

Tune Into Your Purpose

Did you know that setting systems that remind us of our purpose throughout the day can help us achieve our dreams? I know I sound like I am trying to sell the next edition of The Secret but follow me a little longer. 

If you are like most of us, I am sure that at some point, something that you wanted for a long time came to fruition. Be it spending time with someone, a new pair of shoes, or a vacation at an exotic island. 

If this has happened to you, then I have some questions for you. 

How many times a day did you use to think about this thing? 

How often did you use to imagine yourself in this place or wearing the clothing you wanted? Often, right?

That is the power of attraction. However, that last statement is not the reason for this article. Here we are only concerned with setting a purpose for the day and having clear objectives with a personal intention to structure your time to achieve said purpose. 

The more we work towards a goal, with clear systems, that can entertain and increase our love for who we are the more possibility we will have in making our dreams come true—what better way than setting up the tone for our days. 

For this, the technique is quite basic. Take a piece of paper the night before you go to sleep and write down your expectations for the next day, and leave it close to you, on top of your night table, on a sticky note above your head, or any place reachable. Even if there is only one purpose, it doesn’t matter. Write it down. 

The following day when you wake up, grab the note, and on a white sheet of paper, 

  • Write down the purpose or purposes for that day as a header. 
  • Now, ask yourself the amount of time you are willing to put for said purpose. Then tell yourself, with confidence, commitment, and truth, that I am beginning a new journey to see with clarity where my intentions are
  • Divide the page into ten horizontal lines, with one line splitting the page in half vertically. 
  • On the left side of the page, in small numbers, above the lines, write the hours 9 to 10, 10 to 11, 11 to 12, and so on until your reach the last line.
  • Write on the right of each hour segment what you already have in store for that day. If there is nothing on those hours, then leave it empty, and continue. 
  • After you can see clearly on the left side how your day looks like, then write on the top of the right side, above the lines, this question, how and where can I intentionally work on my purpose today

I want you to make this chart by hand. Please do not use Microsoft or any other platform to create one. I want you to enjoy the process of making your lines, words, and especially mistakes while you are doing it. 

I want you to add your personality to this chart 

Writing down your purpose and how to achieve them in this manner will increase your chances of creating what you want. For example, when someone asked Tesla about life, he said: “When you think about life, think in terms of energy, vibration, and frequency.” So in this exercise I want you to do daily, just try to imagine your intentions as energy, think about this daily chart as vibration and the time taken to write all this as the frequency you are trying to tune into while having your purpose in mind. See yourself achieving your desire, feel how it would feel to reach that. And repeat.

I know it might sound complicated, but once you do this for a couple of weeks, you will see how you are shifting your attention differently and how you will start eliminating things in your life that are not ringing with your purpose. Little by little, your focus will shift. 

Tune into your purpose flow and enjoy the process! 

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