Natural Movement 1

Natural Flow Routines Day 1 

If you are here, it is possible that you might be a little tired of expensive gyms memberships and trainers. I know how frustrating it was not finding something basic and straightforward that I could follow to achieve my goals. 

After spending a lot of money trying and finding routines to use, I took the time to research different training styles. It wasn’t long before I found, in YouTube, basic, primal, and easy movements that not only strengthened my body but were also fun to do, and I didn’t need to pay loads of money to start implementing. 

After my wife started to see me hanging from trees and doing many other animal-inspired movements, she bought me a book by Erwan Lecorre called The Practice of Natural Movement. 

I fell in love with those simple five-, ten- and fifteen-minute routines. They were easy to follow. 

Under the Natural Movement umbrella, there are hundreds of videos on the YouTube platform, and it will be easy to get lost in the rabbit hole of which one to do. 

I suggest choosing some and putting them to the test. I am going to share two with you that I always do. Everything I do when it comes to exercising revolves around these two routines. 

We don’t require complicated sets of exercises to gain control of our bodies 

The less complex and natural the movement is, the better the outcome. 

Day 1 

As the name implies, these routines are all about increasing natural movements, and here is the link: 

Natural Movement Day 1

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