Everywhere you look, there is a living organism.

Even walls are if we can use the words of physicists, vibrating, moving, and shapeshifting in front of our eyes. At this point in our evolution as thinking-fast-food-lovers-cinema-addicts-game-players-paradise-seeking-individuals, it is difficult to deny that. 

For all life around us to blossom it requires specific things—weather, the sun, the pull of the moon, atmospheric pressure, temperature, etc.

We, humans, need all of that and more, especially a balanced nutritional meal. But what exactly is Nutrition? 

Nutrients are substances that serve one or more purposes 

For example, they provide energy, help build our body structure, and regulate chemical processes. Nothing at all, right? 

All these functions, which seem only natural to us, are constantly happening within our bodies. Through the work of nutrients, we can interact with our surroundings, move, excrete waste, breath, grow, and reproduce with similar organisms. 

The words carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, water, vitamins, and minerals describe some of the workers who constantly make sure of our survival.

However, non-nutrients like antioxidants are also incredibly good for our bodies. Therefore, since we cannot make most of this significant friendly workforce, we must get them from our food. 

Our bodies are made of naturally occurring elements, right?

Therefore, it is only fair that it is nourished with NATURALLY OCCURRING SUBSTANCES. Thus, we should avoid naturally occurring toxins common in some plants, additives, preservatives, and process foods. 

Carbohydrates, Proteins, and Lipids, through metabolic processes, make energy.

The truth behind the last statement is a little more complicated than my simple words but for the sake of ease, let’s leave it as is (I am hoping for you to take the time to study this.

It is an eye-opening voyage). Each of these superpowers, including water, is called a Macronutrient, and they are what the body needs the most. But don’t get me wrong, it cannot survive only on Carbs, Proteins, Fats, and water.  

Water does not generate energy, but water helps transport things in and out of the body 

Water gives a substance for chemical reactions and cushioning of the organs. It also helps balance body temperature, among other things. 

It will take a whole book to go over each of these essential substances and their specific functioning. Our incredible body constantly works between nutrients, macronutrients, antioxidants, macromolecules, essential minerals, and vitamins (micronutrients).

There is no rest for the unique engineering that keeps us thriving. So, I don’t want to bore you with more science. 

Just keep in mind that everything we do has a repercussion on the inner workings of this magical place we call home to our hearts and minds. 

A nutritional meal means more than we like to admit 

Every single meal is a powerhouse of resources that can either enhance or deteriorate certain functions within our bodies. There is no tomorrow. There are only the choices we are making presently about how we eat. 

Nutrition is life, and without a careful and detailed meal plan, it will be challenging to make sure your inner engineers work well. 

Continue the journey towards your dreams. There is nothing that can stop you from achieving your goals. Likewise, there is no power in the universe capable of stopping you. 

Just make sure you plan and eat nutrient-dense meals. 

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