Walk Into Health

Today we are walking, and the only requirement is that you do it barefoot. Whether you choose a nice cut grass, the beach or the mountain doesn’t matter, again, it must be barefooted. 

After you find this place, take your shoes off and walk for twenty minutes. 

Try not to listen to anything other than what is happening around you  

Instead, be entertained by the natural sounds occurring where you are, even if it is the sound of cars. 

Once you are used to listening to those sounds, turn your attention inwards. Feel the temperature and the sensations of the texture where your feet are walking. 

Feel how the different flows of energy are rolling through you. Sometimes, when I do this, early in the morning, when the grass is still a little wet, I get a rush of energy all over my back, moving towards the direction of my brain. It feels like a shower.

I must admit that walking barefooted and reconnecting with my present moment has been a great anchor 

The term earthing might be a new way of presenting the idea of human Grounding as a tool to balance our energy and gain a ton of health benefits, but it was our ancestors’ most incredible reconnecting tool. They were constantly in tune with the planet by going everywhere, no matter how far, barefooted. So, our exercise today is, first and foremost, a double asset. 

  1. The remembrance of an ancient tool 
  2. The reconnection with planet’s earth energy 

We are all different beings dealing with varying circumstances of life, but the one thing we all have in common is the fact that we are all sharing the energy cycles of this incredible planet. So, wherever you are, remember that it is your responsibility to use earth and your body as a bridge to connect with the awareness of SELF. 

Therefore, today go for a long walk and make sure you do it barefooted. 

For a deeper understanding of Earthing, follow this link grounding for health . 

 And this is a documentary about earthing as well  The remarkable science of Grounding

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