Night Infused Water

Most days, I wake up thirsty from all kinds of dreaming escenarios. If you are like me, most probably you feel the same thirst, that undeniable sensation that it is time to hydrate. 

I, for one, enjoy knowing that a nice glass of infused water is waiting for me. Right after I scrape my tongue and clean all the debris accumulated in my mouth after so many hours of sleep, I gulp in freshness. Therefore, I always prepare a covered glass jar of water with slices of cucumber, oranges, and mint leaves by the window the night before. If it is a clear night sometimes I put the dar on the patio.

Some might call me crazy, but others will defend this practice by mentioning how the night and slices of fruit, spices, and herbs can influence water quality. 

  • It is highly nutritious (antioxidants leak form fruits into the water) 
  • It helps to achieve appetite control 
  • It is known to be a weight loss aid 
  • It supports your digestive system 
  • Plus lots of other benefits…

I am not a scientist, nor am I going to be mentioning studies done regarding this practice. Let’s be honest. We all feel good when we drink a glass of water after we wake up. This is not an essay on alien culture or how sophisticated vegans living in Arizona receive the sun. This is a simple reminder to hydrate right after you wake up, and if you can add a little natural flavor, even better. 

It is unhealthy to drink from a glass you already put your mouth to and left sitting by your bedside. Bacteria thrive and reproduce quickly. Even though we are a walking microbiome of all sorts of germs and microbes keeping us alive, it is wise to make sure your infused water is clean and pure. Cover it gently, so it is not exposed to every single little organism flying in the air, coming from you or other unseen living bodies. 

The essential preliminaries I follow are this: 

  1. Use a clean glass or jug (of glass) filled with distilled, spring or purified water that you can cover, not too tight, just enough that some air can circulate. 
  2. Make sure to use organic herbs, fruits, and spices. Rinse them carefully and remove any dirt. 
  3. Put the sliced fruits, pieces of herbs or spices in the jar and place it by the most prominent window you have or, like I sometimes do, put it on a table outside. You can flavor it as you like. Some people only use cucumber or lemon (the image in this article is my own brew, mint leaves, oranges, cucumber, and pineapple slices). Do not add any sugar. 
  4. Make sure that no one drinks from it during the night. This is your personal infused water (and you do not want a community of germs building up). 
  5. Before placing it in your chosen location, dedicate some time to have a clear purpose for drinking this water. Think happy thoughts (I had to add some healthy pseudoscience recommendations to this mix) or set a specific intention. Take a deep breath to relax your thinking process and see this water as medicine to your body.  
  6. Rest and let the night go by.
  7. After you wake up, and you scrape your tongue and rinse your mouth, make sure to drink the water by the windows or outside. Allowing those rays of sunrise to reach your body triggers all sorts of chemicals. They shower our brain, clearing neurological pathways, especially if you suffer from lack of sleep, or expose your body to alcohol more often than you should. 


Water sitting for a while indeed loses its taste, specifically treated water. Therefore, having a trusted source of clean water will make this practice safe.  

That is it! Nothing too complicated or filled with extra running around. This is just you and your infused water.  

Before you lean toward the familiar critical thinking labyrinth that these subjects take us into, make sure to practice this for twenty-one days. After testing it, you are welcome to come back to me with questions if you have any concerns. 

I am sure that you are going to see some changes taking place. Happy infused water drinking! While you prep your infused water tonight, pay attention to how the water fills the glass. Listen to how the liquid flows. Feel the temperature of it. Smell the fruits, taste the herbs, and develop a respectful observation of the process. This recognition will give you a sense of control, which will pay up later when you start implementing new habits.

If you decide to place your jug of infused water outside, do it barefooted. Let planet earth’s electrical currents shock you with all sorts of positivity and her energizing drifts. After all, our bodies are like batteries, always in need of a good RECHARGE. But I’ll stop here, that’s a subject for another article, and I do not want to seem too hippie. 

Enjoy your nightly-charged water; to hydrate is to live!

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