Natural Movement 4, Water

I grew up on an island, which means everything in my life moved around the ocean or any body of water. There cannot be a season of dry spells. Otherwise, I feel sad and without purpose. Water is the element that drives me forward. 

Identically, I love movement, especially swimming. There is a flying sensation when you float, dive or swim in the water. It is the closest I have been to the feeling of cero gravity astronauts experience. 

Between snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, or just swimming, beach life has always ruled my momentary joy and happiness. 

Therefore, for our Natural Movement routine number 4, I suggest that you go swimming, even if it is for a couple of minutes due to the temperature of the water. Just make sure you get thoroughly wet. 

I want you to do this once you are in the water, and it is not too cold: 

  • Put all your body under the water. 
  • Stretch your arms and legs as if you were trying to reach out as far as you can (under the water).  
  • After the stretch, bring your arms and legs towards the center of your body as if you wanted to turn into a ball. 
  • Repeat this five times, and make sure you go up for air, please. 
  • After you have done this five times, take a deep breath and go under one more time and scream as loud as you can (under the water). 
  • Then go back to the surface and swim in one direction for as long as you can. 
  • Repeat this twice and then rest. 

I use these movements to release stress, and after a session like that, my mind is quiet, and ready for me to wire in some positive thoughts or even write a poem or write a song. 

Water supports life, its positive and negative charged molecules are known as a Universal solvent, and I am madly in love with it. 

Given these points, I am hoping that you try this natural movement routine. Some plants can maintain their cellular structure without water. But remember, that even developed organism like that still need water to survive. 

Go and swim your troubles away and allow water to bring you peace. The last time I walked towards a waterfall, I remember thinking that we don’t spend too much time enjoying the benefits of water in its natural state. So, therefore, I am adding any movement you choose to do in water as your fourth natural movement routine. 

Enjoy the water. After all, our bodies are 60 to 75 % water! 

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