Daily Stretching Routines – Your Body’s First Good Morning Habit

The other day, while my son and I walked towards the hills, for a morning hike, we talked about why we wake up in a bad mood and how or what we can do to shift those feelings. The different subjects we covered were very engaging, especially about daily stretching routines practiced by animals and sages to wake up their bodies.  

Books on Yoga, or natural movements, and seasoned instructors will tell you how Yogis of old studied animal routines. They witnessed nature’s intended flow.  

These mystics were also able to recognize how all creatures carefully respected the law of the stronger preying on the weak (one of nature’s most relevant regulations). This law pushed animals to adopt natural habits and routines that kept them fit and safe. These habits were their only tool for survival. 

Stretching in our beds right after we wake up is one of those natural habits we must start practicing. No one wakes up in a perfect mood, and the things we do, right after we open our eyes, will influence the rest of the day. 

Daily stretching routines have an essential impact

The signals that travel from our brains towards every corner of our physical being are beacons that trigger wellness and self-awareness. Every movement, done with proper breathing, acts as a pump for oxygen and specific chemicals to regenerate and awaken our organs. 

There are no causalities in nature

On the other hand, when we desire a specific outcome, it usually comes to pass when we have intentionally dedicated ourselves to reach it. Our repetitive actions, towards the said goal, make it come to pass. The more we use this intentional knowledge for the well being of our traveling physical machinery, the higher our sense of purpose will be. 

If you want to see how this intended intention happens around you, pay attention to how your dog or neighbor’s dog (or any animal for that matter) moves right after it stretches. The apparent determination and attentiveness behind their walk is something extraordinary. 

Try stretching routines in your bed directly after you open your eyes  

Put to the test these old concepts, and you will see how quickly you are going to regain purpose and poise. We are sentient animals; our routines must be capable of assuring that our greatness is always engaged. Therefore, tomorrow, try these simple stretches. 

  • With your back on the bed, look towards the ceiling. Move your eyeballs to the left ten times, and to the right ten times, follow this by making circles towards both directions. Remember to breathe gently, without adding stress to your face. 
  • Stretch your hands and feet as if you wanted to touch the walls with the tip of your fingers and toes. Feel like a spider trying to climb. Follow your breath: with the inhalation, stretch; with the exhalation, relax. Do this ten times, use deep breaths. 
  • Sit on the bed with your feet on the floor, straighten your back, and place your hands on each side, holding the mattress’s edge. Turn your head towards the right, hold while inhaling, and then turn to the left, while exhaling, repeat ten times. After ten times, let your headrest, hanging by its weight towards the front. Then place your interlocked hands behind it, without pressing too much. Feel a small stretch behind your neck, pulling from the middle of your back. Rest there for five breaths. 
  • Put your head back to its normal position, and while inhaling, raise your arms towards the ceiling as if you wanted to say “here I am” to a crowd. Exhale by embracing yourself. Repeat this five times. On the last exhalation, rest your torso on your legs with the head in between your legs. Stay there, feeling the stretch of your spine. 
  • Sit up again and place one hand behind you as if wanting to look back towards one side of your body, repeat the same towards the other side. Use your breathing as a guide. 
  • Place one leg on top of the other, rest your torso on top of them, with your arms hanging, and repeat it with the other leg. Do this for five breaths.  

Now, stand up and shake your legs and conquer the day. Practice these standard stretches, add more, and do them as you see fit. Let me know how you feel about your mornings after implementing these for a while. On our next walk, we should be able to move freely and with a better sense of purpose. I am sure lots of new things are going to start happening. Enjoy the ride, and be your best self!

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